The Artist

Albrecht Fürthner is a wellknown Austrian Sculptor. He studied at the famous Art-School of the city of Linz, followed by studies at the "Universita Internationale di Cultura", Venice, Italy, and the world-famous "Accademia di belle Arti", Venice, Italy.


Monumental sculptures are situated at official places or buildings in Austria, mostly at Vienna, also at the cities of Salzburg and Innsburck.
Small sculptures at private collectors around the world and at the Austrian Institute, New York, N.Y.

Working out his unique "Golden Lady project", the artist is also present at US-Museums, the portfolio of this project was taken to the archives of The Corning Museum, New York, N. Y. and to the Museum of Modern Art, New York.

As a member of the ISC, the International Sculpture Center, Washington, D.C., Fürthner is informed on the US-Art-Scene.


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