Sculpture Offer



Title Message from Atlantis
Material steel, stainless steel, carbonfibre
Dimensions 26 feet high, total weight 2,6 tons (5,200 pounds)
Static report A static calculation is enclosed.
The Sculpture is calculated against wind-forces up to 81 MpH, during the one-year-stay at Bad Ragaz, Switzerland, the structure shows much stronger resistance at heavy squalls around 150 MpH (240 KmH).


The Sculptures' steelwork has been made by professional Austrian craftsmen at the reknown Seisenbacher Company located at Ybbsitz, a cosy town with a famous 800-years-steelwork-tradition. Whole production under permanent supervision by the artist.
The wing-construction has been made by Austrian Aircraft-specialists (Diamond Aircraft Comp.) in carbonfibre-technology under highest technical standards.

Shipment Shipment unit is a 250Ft-container.
The Sculpture is packed at 4 collis with a total weight of 5,300 pounds (2,65 Tons).