Sculpture Offer

message from atlantis
Sculpture by Albrecht Fuerthner

Its is possible
for civilisations unconsciously to establish intellectual relationships with each other.

The reason for such contact across the ages lies in the parallelism of the developement from a stable cultural society to an unstructured civilisation society.

The contact with earlier civilisation societies is absorbed into the ribbon of simoultaneity thanks to the "collective memory" of the consequences of this developement.

This contact is established as a result of the urgency of the experience that is to be communicated and the drama of the point in time which the present developement of civilisation has reached.

This "bridge of perception" obliges us to take certain measures:

here has been a continous intensification of the reseach surroundimg the lost continent of Atlantis.

Numerous universities in the United States have proffesioral chairs for Atlantis studies, with an institute bearing the same name in Miami.

The USSR sent expeditions to the Altlantic, Greek and Italian research ships operate out from Gibraltar and the Azores.






Academics from Around the Globe reinterpret Plato's texts, comb legends and myths for anything useful, analyse
the papyrus scripts of ancient Egypt and listen closely to oral Indian traditiones from "prehistory".
The space shuttle Atlatis (1) was fitted with high-resolution satellites....

What is the reason why we search - what do we hope to find?
Fragments of pottery....a polished stone?
a - message?

A message
to "today" and "tomorrow".
To a society that no longer knows its values, that no longer understands its traditions, denying and discarding then, - A society where ethics and morality are scorned.

To a society
whose most advanced developements are its weapons, that turns Love into a marketable product, packs animals in cans and rapes the soil that bears them

A message to a civilisation, that has once again reached the point where it forfeits its right to live.
a message...
from Atlantis.